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Burghwallis Village and Parish

Burghwallis Village & Parish

The Village, originally called Burg, as shown in the Domesday Survey. First mention of Burgh-Wallis so far found is Sir Richard le Waleys, presenting a new rector to the church in 1253.

Home Page

War memorial;
Burghwallis branch of British Legion;

Village History
Godfry Higgins;
Seven Sisters:
St Helens church:
Comparison of Burghwallis and Bentley;

The Parish
Local Charities:
Village events:
Parish records:
Millenium record

Margaret's Home Page
My Paintings:
My Family History:
Pidcock one name study:
Other local history:




Old village street and War memorial

Paintings of Old Village Street and War Memorial by M.L.P.Burns
'After Armistice parade 2006' and 'December 2010' ©

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